Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Mathew Kramer

Born 1984 in Bedford, Mathew was a shy boy who grew up drawing and designing products from paper and card. Products like paper slippers, cardboard guitars and paper hats for cats. Suspecting that paper merchandising may not be the most lucrative career path, Mathew decided to study harder at school.

After school he studied Fashion Design with Marketing, Promotion and Manufacture at Huddersfield University. 

Three months after Uni he was penniless and living in London, working at Fallon unpaid. Shortly afterwards he gained a paid runner position at Brothers and Sisters.

Jump forward a few years, Mathew now works as a copywriter at Wieden + Kennedy London. Since 2014 he was partnered with Josh King. However in 2018 Josh left Mat to work out of the Shanghai office. Mathew now spends his days working with Rachel Clancy.

They would get a website together, but Rachel doesn't trust people who speak in the third person.





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